Stepwan’s Code of Conduct 

1 March 2020

Introduction to the code of conduct

Stepwan has an obligation to conduct its business in accordance with all applicable rules, regulations and laws. We are committed to helping all Users act in a way that preserves trust and respect. This Code is meant as a guide to using our Site appropriately and must be followed at all times. Breaches of this Code will result in disciplinary action, up to, and including, account termination. Any questions regarding this Code should be addressed to us by email at where we can provide you with additional information regarding the correct procedure(s) to follow, and address any concerns you may have. More information in our terms and conditions.

Personal Behavior

  • I will act ethically and with integrity.
  • I will comply with all of Stepwan’s policies and respect the rights of all Users.
  • I will not abuse confidential information, or participate in any other illegal practice.
  • I will respect Users’ interests, rights and safety.
  • I will not harass, bully or discriminate.
  • I will not falsify my own or any other identity and I will provide true and correct information.
  • I will not seek to communicate or receive payments outside of Stepwan.
  • I will not agree, promise, accept or propose to perform Mentoring Services that I am not capable of performing.
  • I will not request (or try to request) the payment to be released before I have delivered work.

User Content

I am responsible for the content I post on the Site and:

  • I will not post content that is defamatory.
  • I will not post content that violates any law or regulation.
  • I will not post content that infringes upon any copyright or other intellectual property rights.
  • I will not post content that is obscene or contains pornography.
  • I will not post content that is intended to bully, harass, or discriminate any person.
  • I will not post content that includes incomplete, false or inaccurate information about any person, product, or service.
  • I will not post content that contains any viruses or programming routines intended to damage any system.
  • I will not post content that creates liability for Stepwan or harms its business operations or reputation. 


  • I will respect confidentiality and privacy.
  • I will not record or try to record any video of any User during Mentoring Services.
  • I will not disclose information or documents I have acquired, other than as required by law or where authorisation is priorly given by writing by Stepwan. 


  • I will ask other Users’ private contact details only for Mentoring Services purposes and will not use them or keep them after the Mentoring Services are performed for other means. I will communicate with other Users through official ways available on the Site when possible.


  • I will not engage in fraud.
  • I will not create multiple Mentor accounts or Mentee accounts.
  • I will not use the Site to illegally transfer funds.
  • I will not use the Site to generate false feedback about any person, product or service.


  • I will not use exaggeration, derogatory remarks, and inappropriate references.
  • I will not engage in personal attacks, negative or other unfair criticism, and any unprofessional
  • I will not manipulate, mislead, incite, encourage or force any User into performing any action
    that is not in their interest or in the interest of others, or that may be illegal or fraudulent, or that
    is defamatory, discriminatory or obscene.


  • I will not underbid or overbid to avoid fees.
  • I will not participate in projects involving illegal behavior.
  • I will only bid on projects that I plan and am able to complete.

Spam or Advertising

  • I will not spam or advertise my website or service unless otherwise allowed.
  • I will not suggest or try to suggest, request or try to request, to receive or exchange payments
    outside of Stepwan.
  • I will not obtain names from mailing lists, group emails, etc to send unsolicited emails (spam).


  • I will not refer myself for the Referral Program.
  • I will not refer any User for the purpose of avoiding fees or manipulating the feedback system.


  • I will not use Stepwan to facilitate money exchange including, but not limited to,
    cryptocurrency, or for purposes other than the payment of Mentoring Services or procedures
    implemented by Stepwan.
  • I will only use the Payment Gateway provided by Stepwan


  • I have read this code of conduct and will follow it when I will be using Stepwan, either as an Expert or a Mentee.
  • I will refer my Mentee or My expert to this code of conduct if he or she is not aware of it or acting differently than described here.