How Stepwan Works


Stepwan, a platform for Connected Life Experience

was created to connect Mentors and Mentees on Life Experience topics. You can use this platform to find a suitable Life Experience Project partner:

  • As a Mentee, you can post projects and find a suitable Mentor to coach/mentor you on your Life Projects.

  • As a Mentor, you can find Life Projects to work on. 


In Stepwan, you can choose your role: as a Mentee or as a Mentor when you sign up.

Here’s the main workflow on Stepwan:

1. Post a Project

  • As a Mentee, you can post Life Projects after login or signup on the website.
  • Submitting a Life Project is free. 

2. Bid a Project

  • As a Mentor, you can find different projects on the projects page and you can start bidding the selected project by clicking the “BID” button.
  • As a Mentee, you also have the option to invite the Mentors via their profiles by clicking the “INVITE” button. The Mentor can then take a look at the project details and decide to bid it or not.

3. Accept a Bid

  • As a Mentee, you will review all the bids in the project details page and decide which bid to accept. You might conduct some interview with the shortlisted Mentors in order to choose the most suitable one.
  • The selected Mentor will click the “Accept” button on his/her bid list to accept a bid and start working on your project.
  • Only one Mentor can be selected for each project.

4. Open the Workspace

  • Once a bid is accepted, both the Mentee and the Mentor can open the workspace to have further private discussions regarding the project.
  • In this page, they can send real-time private messages to each other and attach files as well.

5. Complete the project

  • The Mentee will review the project after the Mentor has delivered the Mentoring/Coaching and potentially attached documents.
  • If the Mentee is satisfied with the Mentoring, he/she clicks the “Finish” button and writes a review for the Mentor.
  • This project is now considered as Completed, the Mentor might press the “Review & Complete” button to review and rate the Mentee.
  • If the Mentee is not happy with the Mentor’s performance after reviewing the project, he can click the “Close” button to send a dispute request to Stepwan who will arbitrate the case.