If you are a Mentee: Get Insights today

An overview of how to grow your life experience works on Stepwan

1. Find Dedicated and Quality Insights

Browse Profiles and Pick an Expert for an Insight Talk

On Stepwan, you’ll find a wide range of experts in a variety of categories from career development to fitness and wellness. Browse their profiles, their stories, their certifications and find the right Expert for an Insight Talk.

Post a Life Project with your budget, your requirements

Alternatively, you can tell us about your challenge by posting a Life Project and we’ll get the right Experts to find you instead. You can set your own budget and timeline, and let Experts bid on your Project with their best proposals.

Evaluate proposals and award the Project

Review the proposals, the proposed budget and time, and the thought process. Don’t hesitate to have a quick introductory chat with your shortlisted Experts via Stepwan Messages before awarding your Project to the best candidate.

2. Gain Insight Effectively

Introducing yourself

We encourage Mentees and their chosen Expert to have a quick introductory exchange via Stepwan Messages. Just like any other meeting in real life, it’s important to exchange greetings and ensure it is a good fit.

File transfer and communications

Exchange files, feedback and other information on the mentoring session via Stepwan Messages, so you can archive and monitor your progress more effectively.

Ratings for everyone

Once the session is done (Insight Talk or Life Project), Mentees and Experts can rate each other for the service provided and the attendance. This allows the whole community to keep sharing experience with the highest level of reliability and credibility.

3. Pay with Peace of Mind

Payments are made when you accept a bid or an Insight Talk.

However, the payment is released to the Expert only when the session is completed.