If you are a Mentee

How it works

Find Dedicated and Quality Insights

Browse Profiles and Pick an Expert for an Insight Talk. On Stepwan, you’ll find experts in a variety of categories from career development to fitness and wellness. Browse their profiles, their stories and invite the right Expert for an Insight Talk. See the list of Experts here.

Post a Life Project for in-depth knowledge.  Alternatively, you can tell us more about your goals and challenges by posting a Life Project and we’ll get the right Experts to find you instead. After you set your budget and your timeline, the Experts will bid on your project with their best proposal.

Evaluate proposals and award the Project.  Review the Experts proposals, their proposed price, timeline, and most importantly the thought process.

Gain Insight Effectively

Get a first impression of the experts. Don’t hesitate to have a quick introductory chat with your shortlisted Experts via Stepwan Messages before awarding your Project to the best candidate.

Clearly indicate your current situation. Provide a detailed description of your situation and challenges so that the Expert can fully understand the case and provide accurate mentoring. See how to do it.

Openly state your expectations. Indicate your expectations in terms of outcome and target achievement for the mentoring session. See how to do it.


File transfer and communications.  Ask your chosen expert to share documents, articles, feedback and other information during the mentoring session via Stepwan Workspace, so you can archive and monitor the progress more effectively.

Don’t forget to complete your project.  After the mentoring session is successfully delivered, completing the project is the best way to thank the Expert. Go to your workspace to complete your project.

Ratings for everyone.  Once the mentoring session is done, Mentees and Experts can rate each other for the service provided. This allows the whole community to keep sharing experience with the highest level of reliability and credibility.

Pay with Peace of Mind

Stripe Connect. Your account needs to be connected to Stripe before you can make any payment. As a trusted payment gateway, Stripe will manage your payment cards information with the highest security measures. This is how you add/update a payment method.

Payments are released upon project completion. Your payment will be released to the Expert only after the mentoring session is successfully completed.

No Service Fees. Stepwan does not charge any services or commission fees to Mentees.


Refer a friend, Earn money.  Make up to 5% of a mentoring session value when you refer your friends, either Experts or Mentees.
See how it works and see how to check your referrals and payments.