If you are an Expert

How it works

Find Mentees who need your insights

Start with creating an outstanding profile. The best profiles are complete, well-written, illustrated with pictures, relevant certifications and a friendly profile photo. Check out this reference profile.

List all your life insights. Show clearly the mentoring activities you can provide. Being more specific will ensure more efficient and successful sessions. Check out where you can do it.

A two-way connection with Mentees.  Activate your “Available” status to let Mentees know you’re ready to have Insight Talks .


Making a good first impression. We encourage Mentees and their chosen Expert to have a quick introductory exchange via Stepwan Messages. Just like any other meeting in real life, it’s important to exchange greetings and ensure there is good chemistry. See where you can do it.

The power of bespoke solutions. Share your life insights with an effective and inspiring 30-minute insight talk. 

File transfer and communications.  Exchange files, feedback and other information during the mentoring session via Stepwan Workspace, so you can archive and monitor the progress more effectively. See how to share files.


Promote trust, Get verified by Stepwan. You will be contacted for a quick conversation on your life experience and your level of expertise in coaching or mentoring. See how to get verified.

Clearly define the terms. Indicate a clear scope, targets  and limitations for the mentoring session during introduction chat. See an example of clear terms.

Ratings for everyone.  Once the mentoring session is done, Mentees and Experts can rate each other for the service provided. This allows the whole community to keep sharing experience with the highest level of reliability and credibility. See how to rate a Mentee.


A Better World. Make the world a better place by sharing what you’ve learned in life and that cannot be taught in school.

Grow your influence. By showing the whole world that you are deeply involved in making society better, you will make the whole world follow you.