Question #1: Is getting a Mentor worth it? 

As the author of you own life story, you have to overcome blank page anxiety. When you hire a mentor to help you make the first steps in your Life Project, you get a partner with whom you can brainstorm and make an actionable plan. You can get independent feedback, additional knowledge, and find the encouragement you need to make things happen.

Sometimes we need that extra little kick to achieve our goals. It can be from someone who listens to you and follows up with you on a regular basis. Or someone who has been in your shoes before and gives you valuable insights. Mentoring is not only another item of your toolbox but a great addition to the way you live your life.

Question #2: How do I trust a Mentor I barely know / who barely knows me?

After you post a project, you will receive bids from different mentors, with different backgrounds and experience. We encourage mentees to have an initial conversation with the mentors to make sure it is a good fit before starting the mentoring sessions.

The way each of us approaches the same issue is unique. The mentor’s role is not to tell you what to do, but to share his/her experience in solving the same issue and guide you to solve it your own way. It can be by pointing out aspects of the question you could have missed, give you extra tips to solve that problem, or be a source of inspiration and motivation.

We wish all our Stepwaners who work from home, fulfillment and success !!

Question #3: What’s the difference between a Mentor and online tutorials?

How many times have you asked yourself after watching online tutorial: “Hey how did he/she get from [a] to [b]?’ or “Well, my case is a little bit different, I wish they covered this case as well”?

Yes, you can do intensive searches and struggle your way to the solution. By hiring a mentor who can point you to the right direction, and has already done the work before, you can save that precious time and be more efficient. With Stepwan, you can find customized help, and within your own budget.

Question #4: How does mentoring work? What happens in a mentoring session?

Mentoring sessions typically include elements such as knowledge and feedback sharing, brainstorming, review of actions to make, issue “entangling” discussions, guidance talks, etc.

Besides, mentoring sessions are tailored to your Life Project and your needs. Mentors and Mentees agree on the format and structure before starting the sessions to ensure maximum efficiency and impact.

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