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Can I bring him to the annual family dinner?
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Five years ago at dinner with friends: “ugh my parents hate my boyfriend and are pressuring me non-stop to leave him, what do I do???”

Background: my family is very traditional, my parents were literally from the same village in Malaysia and have the same customs and traditions. My bf is Caucasian, from Italy, and does not speak Chinese at all.

I’m now married and pregnant with my first child, my parents are delighted and we’re all happy. How did this happen, you ask? I was very depressed in my late 20s and ended up going to a family counsellor even though I was very skeptical. She helped me work on my relationship with my parents and learn to understand and respect both sides of the story. I would be happy to share what I went through with you as well as the techniques I learned. If I can help, let me know!

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I can share with you my experience with my parents - being in a position where I didn't wanna hurter upset either side (my bf vs my parents). I can also share with you my experience with counselling.

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