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JuliaPeterson "You know why divorces are so expensive? Because they're worth it"
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When I got married for the first time I was 19.

“Silly”, I’m hearing you say out loud? Well, yes.

When I got married for the second time, I was 23.

“Hope it’s the right one”, they said. Well, after countless couple therapy sessions, I can say now he wasn’t the right one,

I got married with my now husband when I was 28 years old. We’ve never been happier, and I certainly don’t regret my first 2 marriages. They taught me what to look for in a life partner, and what I was really looking for. To all singles out there looking for Mr Right, if you’re not sure it’s the right one, if you’re not sure if you can trust him/her, maybe it’s time to ask yourself the right questions without lying to yourself. Would be more than happy to share my experience and what I learned throughout the years. Good luck and lots of love, talk to you soon!

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If you're having doubts in your relationship, if you're having cold feet, if you're not in a happy marriage, chances are I've been there as well. I can share my experience with you and hopefully help you out. PM me to chat!

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