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Hi all, I am an aquaponics farmer, who left Melbourne 4 years ago for Cambodia. I used to do research in organic chemistry and left the daily routine in Australia to go settle down in Phnom Penh. Starting with a small studio in the vicinity, the farm now grows on a 400 sqm dedicated surface, with more than 100 types of fruits and vegetables. 

I am a strong supporter of organic farming and sustainable development. I believe we should all cherish the land we live on and respect Mother Nature. As an engineer by training, I was often pushed to develop products with financial gains as the ultimate purpose and a holiday trip to Cambodia completely changed my view. If you are thinking of making a similar career change, I will be happy to talk to you and hopefully give you useful tips, chat with you soon!

Mentoring Activities I can provide:

I can help guide you though your farming project, you shift in career if you're interested in the same field. I can also help you convince someone else (friend or family) or this move - the same way as I convinced my wife to follow me in my farming adventure :)

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