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Ma Three words: Forgiveness, Givingness, Abundance
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i was born a quiet, frail, extremely shy young boy who is very sensitive to the environment. ( it wasn’t several years later that a shaman woman hinted to me that i could be an Indigo Child )

from a very young age i was gifted with very strong eye sight, pattern recognition, a sense of adventure ( including an unexplained sense of higher purpose ) as well as artistic ability. 

one evening my uncle initiated me into candlelight meditation. that instance i became one with the blue flame & my third eye gradually opened. it took several years for stabilization to occur, & along the way i experienced my first Out-of-Body experience. 

since then life has never been mundane nor the same.. period 

i began to see the limitations of the human condition, along with the realization that our reality has all along been a binary existence. ( best summed up by the imagery of Yin & Yang, Hunab-Ku, Polarity Principle ). this is followed by the realization that the greater reality of the Indigenous Natives, what was called Wakan Tanka, Great Spirit, Conscious Intelligence, Source, Generative Principal or Creator, is Eternally Sovereign. 

and thus began my adventure for this lifetime . . .

Mentoring Activities I can provide:

1 ~ clearing the initial blockages of personal & ancestral karma
2 ~ centering & aligning the multi-dimensional bodies to match soul purpose
3 ~ obtaining insight, clarity, independent decision making to create possible timelines
4 ~ understanding strategies to accommodate Self, Non-Self, as well as the Greater Collective
5 ~ achieving ultimate goal through balancing the physical, emotional, mental & causal states of being
6 ~ achieving harmony in relations to both sentient & non-sentient objects, on a local, global, or exo-political level

* All of the above are done using an integration of NLP Hypnotherapy, Astrology, Bazi, Destiny Cards, Feng Shui Geomancy, Germatria & Pythagorean Numerology, Human Design, Plum Blossom, Spiritual Release & Remediation, Yijing Oracle & Poker Card Divination System.

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