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What is your question today ?

“What will they ask me during the interviews at ABC company?”

“I started meditation, but I don’t feel any change, am I doing it right ?"

“I need to get fit for my wedding in 2 months. Where do I start ?"

“How do I start a divorce? I don’t want to hire a lawyer just yet...”​

“Covid lockdown has really brought me down. How to survive isolation ?"

“I just started working, is there a way for me to invest my savings smartly?”

“What should I put in a prenup with my fiancé(e)?”

“Does my CV have everything they’re looking for ?”

“How do I switch from a finance job to a tech industry?”

“There are so many types of diet, which one is good for me?”​

”I’m the only woman in my team, how do I get myself heard?”

“How do I move to Europe?”

“My wife is pregnant. How do I support her emotionally?”

“I want to buy an apartment in Thailand. But how ?"

“How do I move my shop online?”

“How do I get more followers on Youtube?"

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IT Executive in the Internet of Things industry with experience in Industry4.0, Smart Cities and e-Mobility

22 years of experience 1 project worked


A enthusiastic fan of living abroad and helping others

25 years of experience 1 project worked


Three words: Forgiveness, Givingness, Abundance

7 years of experience 0 projects done


Hola! I run a social enterprise that coaches Singaporeans on their careers and personal brand, and I'm also really passionate about HR, specifically L&D, employee engagement and employer branding. HMU if you want to chat!

4 years of experience 0 projects done

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