How to become an expat in HK

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Posted on July 11, 2020


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Hi guys, my wife and I currently live in New York and are looking to relocate to Hong Kong to be closer to my wife’s extended family. I work at a consulting firm which has HK offices so I can probably transfer to the HK team. However, there are still many uncertainties on how our life would change after we move to HK. My wife spent the first few years of her life in HK, but I’ve never lived in Asia, and I don’t speak Cantonese/Chinese. Most of our friends are in NYC and it is a bit scary for us to start everything from scratch in another city, as we expect everything to be new. It is exciting but still feels like a leap of faith. We’re looking for other couples who could maybe share their experience with us – preferably couples who moved from NYC to HK so we can have the same references. Looking forward!

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