Making a small corner of zen in my apartment – personal garden

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Posted on July 11, 2020


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Hi fellow Stepwaners, I would like to make a surprise mini garden for my daughter, who is 9 years old and loves nature. I’ve never built anything with my own hands – I can barely change light bulbs without hurting myself, really – but would like to find a mentor who can introduce me to the world of DIY. In other words, what tools do I need, where can I get them, what do you recommend for beginners, etc. Every time I go to the store, the salesperson is trying to sell me those sophisticated tools I wouldn’t even know how to turn on. So hopefully I can find a mentor here who could answer all my (naïve) questions on how to make my first DIY project and give a beautiful birthday present for my daughter. Looking forward!

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Spiritual Life
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May Martin

Children's books author and illustrator, let's make a colourful world for our children

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Kim Ky

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Monica Cheung

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