My parents don’t trust me

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Posted on July 11, 2020


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I was recently given a job opportunity in Australia and would like to move there for a couple years. My parents were not very supportive when I told them about this, as they don’t believe I am capable of taking care of myself. They have always been supportive and caring since I was a child, but they got upset when I told them it was about time for me to move forward with my life and be independent. 

This would be my first job; I would be financially independent and would probably be able to save enough money to come back to visit on a frequent basis. I am stuck as I don’t want to upset them on one hand, but really want to follow my dreams on the other hand. I am looking for advice on how I can communicate with them, and how I can make them understand that everything is OK. Only mentors who are also parents are welcome to bid this project, I am looking for the perspective from parents’ side. 

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