What Stepwan wants to bring to you

We all know that sometimes one needs both technical and soft skills to achieve something. The way we manage our own lives requires the same approach. Having a plan is great, but is it realistically doable? Do we have the resources, the mental strength, the knowledge to carry it out until the end? Mostly, how do we connect all these assets in an optimal way to make things move forward?
Some may turn to friends and family for guidance and feedback, some may turn to online searches. At Stepwan, we offer you the possibility to turn to communities and people: those who made it, those who lived it, those who know how to do it, and those who can help you making it.

Life experience is intangible but priceless. One good thing is that it can be shared and transformed into becoming another person’s resource, just as much as any technical skill. At Stepwan, we believe in the famous chemist Lavoisier’s maxim “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed”. Let’s make our lives and our understanding of life become somebody else’s treasured asset. We wish all our Stepwaners fulfillment and success.

Covid-19 situation

Respecting social distancing measures and adapting to new ways of doing things can be challenging in many aspects. It affects our interactions with friends and family, our finances, our jobs, our mental health, our plans and more. Some of us learned to cherish things that were once taken for granted. At Stepwan, we offer you the possibility to take this time to rethink things, revive old projects, prepare to enter the post-Covid world with a better self with the guidance of our Mentors.

Your safety is important to us. Mentoring sessions can be delivered online to ensure you get the guidance and the mentorship you need in a safe and effective manner.

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