"The more extensive a man’s knowledge of what has been done,
the greater will be his power of knowing what to do."


Each one of us is a living bank of life experiences. We slowly collect them over years and gather treasured information that makes us who we are, who we will be and who we will ever be in the world’s history.

Today you have the opportunity to really make a difference by bringing a crucial piece of information to people who are going through the same situation.  Be part of the Stepwan Community as a Life Expert.


every cloud has a silver lining

You are taking care of ill parents, relatives or friends ? Time is probably very tough and complicated. You might feel discouraged and very negative. A lesson that we can learn from this video is that resilience is a life skill that can really save you. Let’s listen to his story and figure out how he managed to go through hard times.

Trust at work. 

We work in a society where it seems that ambitions, targets and results are sometimes more important than compliance, integrity and honesty. This is something that we should be aware of.  You will get some great advice on how to deal with colleagues or even friends who have hidden agendas while smiling to you.

make your tomorrow better

When you start your life in a small village with the ambition to go to one of the best society spots in the world, you need some skills that most of the people forget to cultivate. One of those skills is positivity, because positivity can bring you far, very far.

Let your values guide your choice of career/life

We all have values. Why is it so important to know them? Simply because these values are our roots in this society and they define us as an human being. They support us through the challenging times and drive our motivation when we need to achieve things that others would never suspect we could. Audrey Liu shares with us her experience in getting to know her values which helped her to find her life direction.  Audrey is also an Marketing expert and gives many advices in this area. Check out her resourceful website : www.audreyliu.io or follow her on Instagram: @Audreyyyliu


DEaL WITH Life challenges

 It is all a blessing in disguise
Have you ever been so completely devastated that something didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to?  Maybe a relationship didn’t work out, perhaps you didn’t get that job that you thought you wanted so bad. When you were finally able to pick yourself up and you moved forward, I am certain that things turned out in a way that you could  not have imagined. In this beautiful interview, Anouchka Blessed takes us through the journey she took to grow herself after she hit the rock bottom. She shares with us her deepest realization: “things are happening for us, not to us” and the wisdom she got throughout all her experiences.


Job or Business ?
Your business is not as successful and is not growing as fast as you hoped and unfortunately time flies with life responsibilities starting to catch you up. On the other hand, your education and environment taught you that successful individuals never give up and always keep building their business with passion.  This is the dilemna that Li Xuan will address in this excellent interview. (Video Coming Soon)


Home Run
In some families, kids do not feel they are loved by their parents. But most of the time, parents do love their kids unconditionally . It’s just that they do not show it the way their kids would expect. And sometimes, this lack of management of expectation leads the kids to take some distance from their family, until the day they finally  understand that after all, only family provides an unconditional love. In this video, Chew Hui will tell us more about her own story. Emotional people, prepare yourself ! (Video Coming Soon)

Every journey brings you further

Leaving your comfort zone
When your career seems to be stuck and your boring job takes the lead, it is maybe time to see where the opportunities are. Do not get scared of getting out of your comfort zone. Once you pass the resistance line, your career then goes to the moon !

In this video, Frederic is sharing how he managed to switch to a new career. (Video Coming Soon)


Kids, Technologies and Social Media
How are we managing these adventurous kids of ours during this highly digital era? Are we simply letting them spend hours on TikTok or Youtube, hoping they will have the thought of  doing their homework? Or maybe there is a way to educate them in how technologies can be useful to grow without getting addicted to social media platforms ? This testimony will show us how important it is to control the use of these social media platform starting from a very young age. (Video Coming Soon)

Leverage on New Age principles to make choices

We all have a birthday date, which means that we all have an astrological sign, which means that we are somehow more or less influenced by the stars and by deduction, also by the alignment of certain planets. And what if all these information were forming  a base for us to make wiser choice in our life ? In this video, Joyous will share with us how these elements helped her to find the right path in her quest of happiness in life. Buckle your belt as you will be taken into a rollercoaster of new concepts (Video Coming Soon)


 Right brain, left brain: Collaboration or Competition ?

Our brain is physically split into two sections. The right brain and the left brain. Did you know that we all use our brain differently ? Some of us are more on the right brain, others are working more with their left brain.  Are you more right brain or left brain ? And how to switch between them ? Find out how with this interesting interview of Master Johnny. (Video Coming Soon)

Women: Family life and Career

In the past, I was wondering whether I should take a break in my career and have a kid. As a modern woman, it was difficult to choose. I finally managed to decide. Now, I have two wonderful kids and I am going back to work too. The switch from career to motherhood was tough and the jump back to work was even tougher. This video will tell you the things you need to consider to be able to juggle with your career and your life as a mother. (Video Coming Soon)


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