Why we need mentoring even if we don’t feel like we need it?

If you are asking this question, maybe someone has been asking you to find a mentor or you have been considering getting a mentor but you don’t really feel like you need it. Debunking some myths about mentoring…

Myth #1 – Mentoring is for weak people. I am strong and functioning. Why do I need a mentor?

Mentoring is often used by CEOs, managers and individuals who want to perform better, get clarity and efficiency. In the olden days, mentoring was accessible to kings and the nobility. Mentoring is a two-way relationship. Both mentor and mentee are responsible for the outcome and the process, which often involves a conscious inquiry into the issue at hand and active participation to find and implement better solutions. This process needs commitment and strength from the mentee, and is therefore suitable for accountable individuals who have a basic sense of responsibility and command over their thinking, feeling and execution of steps.

Myth #2 – I don’t need mentoring because I can already find information online

Yes, you can find information. However, sometimes there are blind spots that could hold the key to the answers you are seeking for. These blind spots could be a limitation in thinking, an old pattern of reacting that has gone unnoticed, a bias or deficiency in the information and so on. Somebody who would have gone through the process before would know what these blind spots are, having experienced the hurdles themselves.

Mentors do not only give you a solution that works but also helps you find your own.

Myth #3 Mentoring is just telling me what to do. I don’t need that.

Mentors are not sports coaches – it is not about giving you exercises to follow and do. A mentor’s job is to help you find your own answers by giving you elements of the solution from his/her own experience. A mentor doesn’t tell you what to do. A mentor is an individual with relevant life experience who guides you in your search for solutions within you. And at the end of the day, you will be the one making the final decision.

That said, what is mentoring? 

Put simply, mentoring is a combination of coaching, knowledge and experience. Do try out mentoring with a mentor that suits you and you can trust. You might be surprised by the results, if you’re willing to look at yourself and let the mentor’s guidance empower you.

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